Silly Philly Singing Character

Silly Philly The Clown


Description: Silly Philly The Clown will “surprise” your friend or relative with a personalized, highly comedic singing telegram! You complete a questionnaire and Silly Philly will personalize that birthday poem or song…. It is NOT a drawn out performance and we are only there a few minutes. #AMH

Price: $150 (15 minute maximum)

Costume Disclaimer
We wish to express that it is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. The characters that we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters, and we make no attempt to market them as such. If you have any questions regarding this issue, we encourage you to contact us. We wish to make it clear and known that we are not marketing any character which is to represent a copyrighted character. All costumes are generic and are made under strict supervision to prevent copyright infringement. We never sell or rent costumes. All performers are independent contractors.

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