Spiderman Costume Character

Spider Hero New Item


Description: Meet & Greet. 1 one on one time:
Our friendly neighborhood Spider Hero will meet & greet with your birthday child and his/her friends, take photos and then it's off to crime fighting lessons! Spider Hero will take the birthday child and all the little heroes on an action packed superhero training course (comes with official superhero certificate). Interactive Games (as time allows) Spider Hero engages the child guests and plays a series of Spider- themed games; for example, "Spidey Says" and "Spidey - Spidey - Green Goblin!". Spider Hero will lead all the little heroes in the happy birthday song, before heading back to his home city to fight crime.

Price: $225 1hr

Requirements: The unit requires (2) 110v outlets.  Dimensions 50'LX50'WX24'H. SMFX

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